Taking care of your jewelry

To keep your jewels like the first day is recommendable to keep them safe from objects that can make scratches (specially those with a resin finishing). Is better if you use the original packaging when travelling or hung up them at home. Avoid too much sun directly, inasmuch as the light tends to devitalize the pigments specially the polymer clay. Is important to remember that even being a flexible material is not recommendable to fold the pieces, specially the tubular or the pieces with mix of polymer clay and resin.


For cleaning both polymer clay and resin, is better to do not use strong products, so the best is to use baby wipes or soft soap in a cloth or piece of cotton. The pieces have an invisible layer of sealer to protect them.

wearing your pieces

Leather and metallic chains can degrade over time so try to avoid contact with make-up, perfume, oils and moisture.

Avoid tugging or pulling on your necklace and take care when removing the backs of earrings.